Indian visa application for UK passport holders

Indian visa application for UK passport holders. India-the country that represents the thought “unity in diversity” has become the main attraction to worldwide visitors. As per stats, the database of applicants for Indian e-visa includes a big ratio of UK citizens. The number of Indian visa application for UK passport holders has gained a great hike in past few years.

Usually, for the recreation-purpose, the UK people prefer e-visa for 3-6 months over regular visa. The UK applicants can visit India single or multiple times (depends upon the nature of visa), but the validation period remains constant i.e., 3, 6 or 12 months.

The two important factor which every e-visa holder should know is that the e-visa cannot be converted to normal one, and the for 3,6 or 12months visa, the fess and processing would be same. Next is, you aren’t allowed to stay more than 180 days in a country with e-visa even if you apply for the 12 months visa. But the difference between 6 and 12-month visa is that you can take leave the country for a day and then come back.

This electronic visa is great for to roam the country India, get familiar with the diverse range of culture and save your time and efforts, as one can get the e-visa through the online application and there is no hassle associated with it. The trend of Indian visa application for UK passport holders is becoming popular as terms of British and Indian governments are getting better and especially the tourism sector for the countries has improved a certain number of things which let the residents of countries roam freely with an easy to apply for an electronic visa.

There are few terms and conditions associated with the Indian visa application for UK passport holders. Let’s have a brief view of them:

Terms and conditions:

  • The e-visa time span cannot be extended but one can leave the country for a day in the case of emergency. Hence e-visa is great for recreation, medical purpose or casual visit to your known ones.
  • For Indian visa application for UK passport holders, there must be a 6-month passport validation along with two blank pages.
  • You financial conditions shook be able to cope up with the expenses and the return tickets.
  • The Indian government would not allow any official or diplomatic passport, any laissez-passer document.
  • The Pakistani origin people aren’t able to apply for the e-visa for London (UK) and one must check the list of accepted country-origins before applying for Indian e-visa.
  • You must have an individual password and e-visa in order to enter India.

The e-visa cannot be used for the purpose of any business or material-supply.

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