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Indian Visa Types | e visa India

India is an incredible country with the finest architectural heritage, tiger reserves, spectacular landscapes, beautiful palaces and much more to explore. All of this makes India one of the topmost travelled tourist destinations in the world. To get a glimpse of this beautiful country you need a visa. Indian E-Visa is a document that allows citizens of eligible countries like Australia, Canada, America etc to visit India for a short period of time for travelling, medical, business or some other relevant purpose. Before applying for an e visa one should figure out which type of visa is the best fit for your purpose of visit.

Various types of Indian E-Visa

E Tourist visa For India

Indian Tourist E-Visa is an official document for entering and travelling in India. The tourist visa is granted to a foreign citizen who’s the sole purpose of visiting India is recreation, seeing the view, occasional visit to meet friends and relatives, etc. It is electronically linked to your passport. Generally, there are three types of Indian e-Tourist visas. One of them is valid for 30 days and it allows double entry, next we have a tourist visa for 1 year and allows multiple entries and the other one is valid for 5 years and allows multiple entries. Before applying for Indian e-visa online every applicant must a valid passport document. E-Tourist visas are non-convertible and non-extendable.

e-business visa India

The e-Business Visa for India is granted to those who want to visit India for some commercial and business purposes, e.g. meetings, seminars, attending training, orientations etc. E-Business Visa is valid for 1 year only. it can be Not up to 5 years by providing required documents. A business identity card of the traveller or a letter justifying the purpose of the trip from the Company is mandatory.

Indian e-Medical Visa

A large number of patients from all over the world travel to India for high-quality medical treatment services. Medical facilities in India is popular for a variety of procedures, especially those related to cosmetic, orthopaedic, cardiac, neurological and organ transplantation surgery. The e-Medical Visa for India is granted to those who are travelling to India for medical treatment. This visa is valid for up to two months with a double entry. Validity of the visa is from the date of issue Bio-metrics is mandatory for all the visa applicants. Relevant documents explaining details of the treatment, signed and stamped by the hospital staff registered with the government is necessary for Indian e-Medical visa for citizens of eligible countries. Proper attested letter from hospital India that shows that the applicant needs special medical treatment.

Indian Medical attendant visa

In case someone is accompanying the patient to India he/she needs e-Medical Attendant Visa. This visa is given to the family members of the patient. A statement from the patient or an immediate family member confirming the escort's trip along with the patient is also required.

Conference E Visa

The citizens from eligible countries who wish to be a part of conferences in India can apply for Conference E-Visa. This type of visa is generally issued to the foreigners in order to attend a conference or seminar organized by an Indian organization. For getting this visa one should have proper attested conference invitation from the recognized organization and should have valid identity proof and passport.