Indian E-Tourist visa for UK citizens

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What is an E-visa?

E-visa is an electronic form of visa which can be referred as an application get a visa or act as the visa itself. It is necessary to hold a visa in order to get entered in a foreign country, therefore the government of many countries has made it’s easier to apply Indian visa e-visa online and on-time approval. Those who are running out of time and want to save themselves from the long queues must try these e-visa services

E-visa from India to the UK: At present Indian tourism is at its peak and numerous travelers from a different part of world travel to India to enjoy the diverse cultures and traditions. So, e-visa for India is trending in the world of travel and tourism. Applying e-visa is an easy-to-do task in this digital century.

As per studies, it has been recorded that most of the Britishers have registered their entry in the list of India tourists. In past few years, the rate of UK tourists to India have been taken a hype. One can see many tourists from Uk exploring the colorful, cultures of India. Therefore, the online visa for tourists from UK to Indian can be found on a large scale. Nowadays, the government is accepting the applications of high commission e-visa for India from UK residents with some extended facilities.

The tourism department of Indian government has clearly mentioned that you are not going to get your visa in some of the special cases. Read the official statement here:

“The e-Tourist Visa office is just material to nationals of United Kingdom and isn't accessible to British Subject, British Protected Person, British Overseas Citizen, British National (Overseas) and British Overseas Territories Citizen. Your application would be rejected if your nationality is other than the United Kingdom."

E-visa holds the equal weight off than that of normal visa, but the only considerable fact is that it can only be used for the travel purpose. In addition, the e-visa only lasts for 60 days. There could be several reasons to apply for an e-visa such as traveling, medical treatments, special occasion and many more. This is the best way get a permission to stay in a country for a short span of time.

  • E-tourist visa
  • E-business visa
  • E-medical visa

You may find it a bit confusing. But there is no hassle associated with the Indian visa application as it’s really a straightforward process. If you are facing any difficulty with it, you can freely call the customer service.

Terms and conditions associated with e-visa for India are:

  • You can visit only for the sake of leisure and your stay cannot exceed the limit of 60 days. It is best suitable for traveling, medical, business purposes or a just casual visit to anyone living in India.
  •  Your passport must consist of at least two blank pages and validation period of 6 months.
  • Your account balance or financial condition should be able to manage your expenses during the visit and you must have the ticket for the return.
  • No diplomatic/official password or any laissez-passer document is allowed.
  • The applicant should not have the Pakistani origin. There is a list of countries which are eligible to apply for the Indian e-visa; any sort exception would not be entertained.
  • Every tourist must hold an individual passport and e-visa.
  • The individual should not belong to the category of person-not-grata.

List of documents:

  • It is necessary to prepare the required documents before applying for the e-visa for India. The photo and other details should be clear and readable.
  • A photograph with a white background showing your full face. A scanned copy of the bio page of your passport. It Basically, there are three types of an e-visa. Get all the details below:

Required Information:

To apply for e-visa your must fill the essential details in specified section:

  • Detail where you are going to stay during your visit. For hotels, complete address and phone numbers are required.
  • The date of arrival and departure.
  • The airport location from where you are going to enter in India.
  • Payment method: Debit card, Credit Card or PayPal account.

Entry and Exit:

There are few conditions associated with the entrance to India, if you are holding an e-visa. There are few specified entrance points (airports) which accept the e-visa, make sure you choose any of the following to airport to take entry to India.

“Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Tiruchirapalli, Trivandrum & Varanasi.”

Visa Fee:

The fee paid for applying for an India E-visa is non-refundable under any condition. The acceptance of your visa solely depends upon the reputation of your application and records. If not selected or after canceling the e-visa request, the visa fee will not be refunded.

Important Note:

  • The incomplete form or fee would not be accepted.
  • The passport will be returned via e-mail or DHL.
  • ETV cannot be transferred or converted.
  • One can apply 2 ETV one year, not more than that.

Advice for UK residents:

The Indian embassy does not allow you to more than 6 months if you are holding an Indian E-visa from UK, but there are three types visas 3,6 and 12 months. The 12-month visa allows you to take a leave for a day from India and come back without paying any additional charges, but it is not valid if you have opted for the 6 moths E-visa. Though the processing fees are same for both 6 and 12 months E-visa.

The tourist visa is only valid for those who are non-residents, non-originated or have no profession in India. You can only visit the country for the sake of recreation, but no professional intentions would be entertained allowed if you are on a tourist visa. For any purpose like studying, journalism, volunteering, employment, business, research etc., you need a different sort of visa with some additional documents and biometrics.

The Emergency E-visa:

Some of the cases are urgent and cannot wait for days to get a visa. For such cases, Urgent e-visa has introduced. In other words, one can get an urgent visa for India within 24 hours just by paying some additional charges. But it’s necessary to apply before 24 hours of traveling to get your visa on time. For any concern regarding urgent e-visa, one can contact the customer support service to get the guidance regarding the application procedure.

Emergency e tourist visa requires some of the additional proofs and documents in order to check the authenticity and credibility of the applicant, as Indian embassy has revised its tourism policies in last few years to check the unauthorized entry to the country.

The emergency cases include sudden death or serious illness or other unavoidable circumstances and a valid reason is necessary to apply for an urgent visa to India from the UK. To get a visa to visit India from the UK on the immediate basis one must have the proof of the reason such as death certificate (or any proof) and medical certificates signed and attested by a certified medical practitioner.

  • It should be submitted to the high commission through the official site along with required documents.
  • For minors below (16 years) the signed and attested documents such as a Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Consent form duly signed by both the parents along with the custody order attested by the legal authorities.
  • Emergency cases are entertained on weekends and holidays for few hours a day. So one must visit them in between 1000 hours to 1700 hrs. on the weekends and national holidays and from 1000 hrs. To 1730 hours on normal days.
  • The high commissions finalized the case and the decision cannot be changed under any circumstances.
  • UK ETD’s (emergency travel documents) are required for both: entry and exit. In the case of shortage, neither entry nor exit is possible.

The role of E-Tourist Visa India

E-tourist visa is an independent organization providing guidance and support to the applicant of Indian tourist visa online. The sole purpose of our form is to represent Indian tourism and help users to get an insight of the associated procedure and norms.

The organization helps you understand the hidden aspects which are not known by an average traveler but are essential for the acceptance of e-visa, mainly for the UK citizens who want to visit India for a short span of time.

We are aimed to contribute to the tourism sector of India, to promote the revenue-generation. Therefore we run a marketing campaign to support Indian tourism via various multimedia means. Also, we help to handle the hitches which come to that way of an applicant while trying to apply for E-visa to India from the United Kingdome